Our Story

Why we do?

In the heart of every human is a hunger for love & home. Not just for food and a place to sleep, but for safety and community. Most importantly: for love. we are much more than a home for unwanted Indian orphans. We are a family, with the help of caring individuals and a lot of hard work, we wake up each day with the same goal to bring as much love to as many unwanted life’s as possible.




We meet the abandoned/mentally challenged/disabled beggars on the streets. We talk to them, sit with them, provide them with food, clothes and possibly we fulfill their basic needs. We also meet the trans genders sympathize with them and talk to them with respect.



We set up an alarm at 03:00AM in the morning. we get up when the alarm rings. We would have kept all the groceries ready before we hit the bed last evening. We cook the food for the needy, itz a real happiness serving the needy, you will know it, only when u do it. A real good home made HUH!!!! We enjoy whatever we do as we do it from our heart. Forgot to mention My wife is a fantastic cook always  under my supervision. She cooks so  well for others :) and not for me ;). The cooked food will be made in to neat packets so that it is easy to distribute to the needy. We pack the packets of food and fill our bags to start our activity…

We then carry the packed food and start our bikes searching for the needy. Intially we found it really difficult to locate the needy. now we have a wild guess, as in where our  people would be. Most of them wait for us during the weekends. They ask a lot of personal questions and they tell us if they need something we give them on the next visit. Our first preference would be the destitute, abndoned, mentally challenged people (As we did not want to entertain beggaries). We greet them with a smile. Most of them dont respond, few of them abuse. But we know we are doing a noble cause, so we stay calm and greet them with a Bro (Anna, Bhaiya), Uncle (mama) etc. Women normally asks for a place to stay, as they face a lot of problems living in the streets. “loving hearts” next step would be to make a home for the homeless.

We further had several activites on every weekends with our new & young volunteers. This inspired a few people around us our family, friends and so on. They were so very interested to support us for the noble cause and supported for all the upcoming events.  Apart from the food we cooked We also distributed clothes to protect them from the chilling winter. The love that we showed them, the time we spend to converse with them, made them more happy, we had people who wanted to come along with us, in the very first meet. But it is unfortunate that we could not bring them along with us for now. But defnitely one day.

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My wife (Usha) and I have been serving & visiting orphanages, disabled people,mentally challenged people for more than 10 years now. Usha has been telling me all the time about the real happiness in serving people. On the eve of our younger son Arush’s Birthday (11th September 2014) Usha was telling bed time stories to our elder son Raush, Usha was telling him about the Orphan kids and how difficult their life is with out parents. Suddenly Raush got from the bed and shouted bring them home Mom, we will take care of them. I will look after them, That was running in our minds from then, we wanted to start  a home for the homeless (NGO), When enquired, there were lot of things that we were unable to afford. So we decided to help the People who are in need of LOVE, where we spend less money and give more love to people…. We wanted to feed the people on the streets who are mentally challenged and who dont know even to beg… and then the loving hearts began.