loving  hearts” started with the plans to sponsor education for one child. Now with the support of good hearts around, we have decided to sponsor education for 10 kids this year. The objective of Sponsor A Child Education program is to fund and sponsor the education of children who are at risk of discontinuing their schooling due to their family / financial situations or children’s who will be put in to govt schools by their parents. We put them in a nearest English Medium school


Following is the list of items provided to each sponsoring child.

  • 3 uniforms per year (2 Regular & 1 white)
  • 2 pair of shoes per year.(1 Black & 1 White)
  • Sufficient Note books & Stationary (Including but not limited to drawing sheets, coloring pencils, pens, plain papers, geometric box, school bag, geographic maps, science books etc.).
  • School fee & Exam fee.
  • Free tuition by ”loving hearts” team
  • Prizes for winning students in the competitions organized by “loving hearts”

Please contact us on +91-7090381777, 7090391777 & 7090401777

Get in touch with us, If you would like to be a part of a child’s education


How we Identify the most deserving Kids?

We walked in to huts/slums on the roadside, spoke to their parents and educated them about the value for education & explained how important is education in a kids life. We also tell them the importance of cleanliness, discipline etc. We identified & sponsored education for 10 kids this academic year 2014-2015. We also take care of their complete educational expenses that includes Uniforms, bags, shoes, stationary items etc., We also provide free home tuitions for the children.

A small heads up to the parents about the importance of education & explaining the support that we need from them to make this intuitive a great success,

a) Be kind to children and treat them with respect
b) Do not be abusive to kids or abuse each other on their presence
c) Not to send kids to buy Cigarettes, Gurkha etc
d) Do not drink liquor in front of the kids
e) Pleaded them to send their kids regularly to school
f) Keep them clean & neatly dressed
g) Make sure the kids are not affected because of your problems at home
h) Explained parents, that the money spend on their kids is hard earned money & do not misuse the opportunity given.

Thank friends for all the support. You guys made this possible. Our heart felt thanks to one and all who are associated with this initiative.