Was the fantastic Birthday, We’ve ever seen/been. We cut the cake in footpath in front of “Infant Jesus Church” called all our people, Cut the cake on the footpath, along with the needy, Distributed the cake and home cooked food for about 35 People…. We were so happy to recieve their blessings… We sat with them, spoke to them, shook hands, hugged them…. People came running, When I made Raush to shake hands with one, They were so very happy to shake hands & click pictures.. #Was_a_wonderfull_Birthday_&_Celebrations…

#Venue: Foot Path “Infant Jesus Church” Neelsandra, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
#Volunters: Arush, Raush, Indu, Anitha, Sampreetha, Chandini, Usha Ramesh, Karthik Raj, Santhosh Chandrashekar & Ramesh Raghava

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